Harvest Kids provides care and spiritual direction for your children from ages 0 – 11. While we understand that we are not a child’s primary giver, we are blessed with an opportunity to partner with  parents to equip each child with biblical truths and life applications of the word of God in their lives.


We aim to:

• Share the truth of God’s word with creativity and relevance

• Encourage children to lift high the name of Jesus through daily worship, Bible study and life application

• Empower children to share the Good News on a daily basis

• Encourage children to pray fervently and in all circumstances

• Encourage children to submit life wholly to God and to Love God with all their heart, mind and soul.


Harvest Kids is an extension of the body of Christ and seeks to develop children who will share the gospel of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of church and pursue the Great commission of Jesus Christ even at a young age.  While you worship, your children will simultaneously participate in an hour and a half of enthusiastic Worship, intentional and age-appropriate biblical teaching, and opportunities to apply God’s truth to their lives.



• Nursery – 0 to 2 years

• 3 to 5 years

• 6 to 8 years

• 9 to 11 years